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HINGI is a boutique furniture brand founded by a polish film director and a mom - Iwona Bielecka.

HINGI furniture allow your child to discover creativity and reach their full potential.

With HINGI furniture you can give your child a safe, creative and joyful world where unaided, free and self-developing fun is of utmost importance.


“Ever since I became a mom I encouraged my daughter’s independence and curiosity to discover the grownup world. I also tried to be conscious about what kind of stuff surrounded her.

When I was unable to find the right furniture for her playroom, one that would combine functionality and beautiful design, would match each other and be gender neutral, I decided to take the challenge and design them myself.

What’s funny I didn't have experience in furniture design, but I did all sorts of creative things in the past, from photography, graphic design, editing, to motion design, web design, directing. I learned the tools and found great satisfaction in coming up with solutions that are unique and incorporate real, parental experience.

That’s why our front-facing MIRU bookshelf has additional back storage (I thought about all those books that won’t fit in the front) or our learning tower has double functionality (I thought I didn't want it to stand unused while we're not cooking). 

My little one adores HINGI furniture and tests them first handedly. I’m sure your kids will love them too.”


HINGI mission is to help create a world, where kids can be creative and independent. We want to give parents the possibility to raise their children in an eye-pleasing, high quality, eco-friendly environment. We want to create furniture and toys that will enable effortless fun, spark creativity and enable pretend play. Keeping multifunctionality and innovation at the core - HINGI will introduce happiness, harmony and tidiness to all interiors.

What makes HINGI furniture stand out?

✓ unique design,

✓ minimalist form,

✓ natural materials,

✓ ecological, local production,

✓ toned, gender free colours,

✓ multifunctionality and innovation.

What does HINGI mean?

You probably wonder what does the word HINGI mean?

Hinges in English is quite self-explanatory, however hen in Swedish is a neural pronoun, which role is to underline one of the core values of our furniture production - gender neutrality.

HINGI Furniture in your homes