Assembly instructions

Thank you so much for your purchase with HINGI Furniture! We use unique hinges, they are called Cabineo. For your convenience please use an electric screwdriver with the attached tool. It's in an envelope. The metal part is a 4mm ball hex. Follow the video carefully and be sure the tips of the screws are fully hidden in the plastic part. If you have any questions or difficulties, please contact [email protected]
Thank you!

HINGI ORI Shelf, ORI Half, ORI High, ORI Baby

HINGI ORI Stepped Shelf

HINGI Ki Treehouse

HINGI Fuji Slide

HINGI Helper Learning Tower

HINGI Kukku Sink

HINGI Kukku Oven - we upraded the hinges in the oven, so they are safer and more durable. This video shows old hinges.